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Liquid Reporting

We Make It Easy To Track All Users Analytics - Techkit X Webflow Template
We Make It Easy To Track All Users Analytics - Techkit X Webflow Template
Why Techkit

We make it easy to track all user analytics

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Advanced tracking

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In-depth monitoring

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Liquid gives you the essential control information about your company. With real-time, interim figures, you can immediately see how you are doing financially. Analyze trends, drill down into details, and compare figures with previous financial years or your forecast.

Liquid Reporting
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Real-time reports

Your entire bookkeeping is transparent, including access to all invoices

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Access to the invoice

See immediately which debtor and creditor items (OPL) are still open

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Comparative analyses

Compare different periods, or compare your forecast with your realization

Make forecasts in no time

Liquid Forecast

Build a financial forecast for your company super fast and error-free. Use historical data to draw trend lines into the future, and complete your forecast with intuitive modules for revenue, staff, and more.

Liquid Forecast

Smart scenario planning

Create alternative scenarios in no time. See the effect of a new sales channel or an additional employee in minutes.

Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template
Data Science & AI - Techkit X Webflow Template

Control your cash flow

Liquid automatically calculates the liquidity effect of every change you make to your forecast. This way, you know exactly how your cash flow will develop.

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How does Liquid relate to my accounting package?

Liquid is an addition to your accounting package. Liquid Reporting brings all data from your accounting package together in comprehensive reports. This way, you can view your interim figures, but also add analyses yourself or build your own dashboards.

With Liquid Forecast, you can then build a forecast on top of that in no time and without errors. In addition, you can use your previous figures as a starting point, but you can also build a forecast completely 'from scratch'. With our modules for turnover, costs, staff and more, you can easily build forecasts.

Does Liquid support a rolling forecast?

Yes, in Liquid, it is possible to make a 'rolling forecast' by default. Liquid takes over the latest balance levels, such as your current bank balance, and syncs them automatically every day. As a result, forecasts in Liquid are dynamic and easy to keep track of.

Can I use Liquid even if I don't have accounts yet?

Yes, Liquid stands completely on its own. Even without an accounting link, you can immediately start with a forecast. In doing so, you can easily create your own categories (ledger accounts), or use our template with 40 standard categories for a quick start.

Can I also connect Liquid to [...]?

We are adding more and more integrations and import options. For example, you can currently import all your workforce from In addition, it is possible to import forecast data from Excel or Google Sheets. Go to the Integrations page for an up-to-date overview.

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