Consolidate multiple business entities

A helicopter overview of your company group

Especially if you have multiple business entities, it is important to be able to switch quickly between individual BVs and the entire group. Liquid provides standard Consolidation support for both Reporting and Forecast product variants. At no extra cost.

Real-time consolidation reports

Multiple administrations merged into one report, without additional configuration.

Automatic IC eliminations

Use elimination entries and rules to eliminate intercompany relationships super-fast.

Consolidated forecasts

Effortlessly make consolidated forecasts for W&V, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet for the entire group.

Consolidated reports

One-click switching

Switch quickly and easily between viewing a single administration to the consolidation report, where all administrations in the consolidation group come together.

In the consolidation view, you also have all the features of the Liquid platform, such as clicks to the invoice, visual dashboards and comprehensive forecasts.

“Preparing a consolidated management report in Liquid is very fast”

Lars Cramer - Phidra Accountants and Advisors

Automatically eliminate intercompany relationships between your companies

For good consolidation, it is important not to include the relationships between them in the consolidated report. Consider, for example, the management fee that is invoiced from the holding company to the operating company. With Liquid, you can easily eliminate these intercompany relationships.

Elimination bookings and elimination rules

With Liquid, you'll never have to draw up a consolidation statement yourself again. With Elimination Bookings, you automatically create a two-way (recurring) entry between two administrations. And with the automatic Elimination Rules, you can let Liquid eliminate intercompany relationships completely autonomously.

Consolidated forecasts

Liquid's forecasts are fully compatible with the consolidation platform. This means that you can immediately combine forecasts from different administrations into a consolidated forecast.

You don't have to be an excel superhero to take control of your finances.

Consolidation FAQ

Consolidation is built into the entire Liquid platform. With Liquid Reporting, you can quickly consolidate the achievement figures from the accounts of various administrations, and possibly provide them with eliminations. And for Liquid Forecasting users, it's also possible to automatically consolidate forecasts.

No, with Liquid, you only pay the license costs per administration. There are no additional costs for using the consolidation functionality.

Yes, that is possible. “Eliminate” is done to counterbalance the relationships in a business group. For experienced financiers, this is a pure requirement for a consolidation report, based on best practices. However, it's no problem to skip this step. You can then still look at consolidated reports that add up the figures from different administrations.

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