Super smart forecasting for Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance

Build sustainable forecasts in a fraction of the time

Forecasting, managing and monitoring forecasts is complex. As a result, you spend a lot of time building the spreadsheet and correcting errors in formulas. Liquid takes the complexity out of the process so that you can fully focus on the substantive forecasting work.

Business economic modelling

Easily create a forecast based on building blocks such as turnover, costs and staff.

Rolling (cash flow) Forecasts

Create sustainable Rolling Forecasts that stay relevant and are easy to maintain.

Prognosis versus Realization

See at a glance how your realization relates to your forecasts.

Advanced scenario planning

Answer the “What If” question and easily add different scenarios to the forecast.

A combined dashboard where you see past and future side by side

“We save time and Liquid is far less error-prone than Excel. I haven't really seen the level of detail of setting up forecasts anywhere else.”

Jos van der Meer - Owner of Flanc

Build forecasts, not spreadsheets

Liquid helps you make forecasts that scale well and are sustainably usable. You do this by building the forecast with smart objects, such as a turnover stream or employee, instead of separate numbers in a spreadsheet. Liquid thus calculates your Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet Forecast in real time and simultaneously.

Turnover and costs

Add separate sales and costs, such as individual deals or expenses, or use smart series for recurring sales channels or fixed costs.

Liquid automatically includes the VAT payment and payment terms in the forecasts.


Connect your current workforce, add new employees, and even add entire teams to your forecast.

Liquid calculates the gross net conversion and takes into account, among other things, the payment of payroll taxes and the payment of vacation pay.


Include financing in your forecast, such as an equity investment or different types of loans.

Liquid calculates the periodic interest expense and repayment obligation and includes them in the forecast. This way, you can immediately see what financing really costs.

You don't have to be an Excel superhero to take control of your finanes

What if you had a prognosis that could last a long time?

Forecasts in Excel are often a snapshot, with numbers in cells that make sense at the time. A month or two later, you don't remember how the spreadsheet worked, and it's hard to reconcile the forecast with the new figures. Recognisable? With Liquid, we therefore offer forecasts that remain relevant at all times.

Budget vs. Realization

Thanks to the accounting link, Liquid seamlessly shows the original forecast alongside the new achievement figures. This way, you can clearly monitor where you are performing above expectations and where you are not.

Rolling (cash flow) Forecast

Has the past month been disappointing and is there less money in the bank than expected? Then Liquid will immediately calculate this month's forecast with this new bank balance. That way, you'll never count yourself too rich.

Continue with scenario planning

With Liquid's advanced scenario planning, you can easily add new scenarios that cleverly build on your initial forecast. This means you don't have to start over and you can look ahead quickly.

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