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Liquid Forecast helps you build forecasts quickly, error-free and efficiently. Your company's future starts today.

Meet The All-In-One
Analytics Platform - Techkit X Webflow Template
Meet The All-In-One
Analytics Platform - Techkit X Webflow Template
Think from your company instead of separate numbers

Forecasting in three steps

Build forecasts that you also understand

Spreadsheets are not intelligent. Liquid, though. We all have gigantic spreadsheets filled with numbers, only to forget how the numbers came about a month later. Or complex formulas that stop working after a while.

In Liquid, you build a forecast with our modules for turnover, costs and more. This is intuitive, fast and without the error-prone nature of Excel.

This is the Liquid Forecasting Engine

When you add new sales, employees, or other items in Liquid, the Liquid Forecasting Engine automatically calculates all associated transactions in your forecasts. Such as the payment of your employees' vacation pay in May, and the VAT payment on your turnover. So you never have to worry about a conclusive forecast or calculation error.

Zoom out or zoom in

Easily expand the categories in your dashboards down to the ledger level.

Breakdown of your forecast

Get a clear picture of the building blocks that underpin your forecast and adjust them dynamically where necessary.

all modules for a good forecast

Liquid Forecast modules

Revenue & Costs


Business assets






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The forecast that moves with you

Rolling Forecasts & Scenario Planning

Liquid ensures that the realization (from accounting) flows flawlessly into the forecast. The system thus generates a rolling forecast.

For example, the bank balance with which the forecast starts is always updated automatically based on the latest actual bank accounts.

In addition, in Liquid, you can see all outstanding items in your accounts with the expected cash flows, and you can easily add them to your rolling forecast.

In Liquid, you can easily create multiple scenarios. Do you want to know the liquidity impact of new payment terms? A growth plan for expanding abroad? To do this, you can easily create scenarios in Liquid.

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