Liquid for Partners

The future of financial advice starts here. Make a lasting impression on your customers with flawless financial insights. Liquid is the all-in-one solution: from reporting to forecasting, always accurate and efficient.

For accountants

Take consulting services to your customers to the next level with a state-of-the-art all-in-one solution for interim figures, forecasts and dashboards.

For cFos

Use the powerful Liquid Engine to fully calculate, optimize and proactively control cash flow faster than ever.

For business advisors

With solid business economic models and clear figures, you help your customers with the big strategic financial questions.

You determine the revenue model

Want to use Liquid to improve your existing services? Or do you just want to launch a new service? Invoicing via you or the customer? It's all possible with us.

We do a partnership together

We do not charge “start-up costs” or a monthly office fee. We sell software, not air. Our goal is to let you fly, which is why we create a customized implementation plan for each partner. So nice.


Discover our Partner Success Plan

Curious about what Liquid can do for your organization? We do things differently than you are used to. After an initial demo, we'll help you get started in Liquid as quickly as possible. So you can experience the product for yourself. Excited? Then we will create a customized implementation plan together. Not big and time-consuming, but hands-on and efficient.

Our goal? Ensuring that you can make an impact with Liquid with your customers as quickly as possible. Sign up now and our dedicated partner success specialist will contact you.

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