Support your customers superior, quicker and with less manual work.

Developing a good advisory service as an accounting firm is difficult. Due to the high workload and scarce staff, the focus is often on primary activities. Liquid helps you give customers more insight in less time. This creates space to provide quality support to customers when it is really necessary.

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As an office, how do you deal with the major challenges of advising?

Growing customer need for insight

Customers expect more and more frequent, faster and more comprehensive insight into their interim figures

Consultancy work often means peak load

Questions for advice from customers, for example drawing up a forecast, require a lot of effort in a very short time

No room for a structural advisory role

Due to the high workload, it feels like there is no room to set up the office's advisory function properly and structurally.

1. Give your customers 24/7 access to numbers

By giving your customers access to Liquid, they can independently view, analyze and export the interim figures.

As a result, they are not dependent on the accountant or relationship manager for these basic needs. In addition, as an office, you decide whether the customer has real-time access to all figures, or only per released period, for example once a quarter.
When your customer logs in for the first time, they immediately see how their company is doing. In addition, they can switch between Visual Dashboard Mode or Spreadsheet Mode with a single button to really dive into the numbers.

Comprehensible dashboards with KPIs and graphs.

Click through from category to ledger, up to and including individual invoices

Direct synchronization with accounting figures.

An all-in-one solution with clear dashboards and reports

Without Liquid

Without access to accounting, customers are dependent on reports to be provided manually.
Access to the accounting package is not always desirable and involves additional costs
Reports from the accounting package are not optimal for entrepreneurs, and lack KPIs and visual overview
Reports are limited to Profit & Loss and Balance, there is no Cash Flow Report

With Liquid

Customers have self-access to their interim figures in a controlled manner, 24/7
Add an unlimited number of users to the customer environment at no extra cost
Switch conveniently between the visual Dashboard View and in-depth Spreadsheet View.
In addition to the W&V and Balance Sheet, access to a cash flow report with extensive cash flow analytics
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“Liquid helps us fill the advisory role as an office properly so that we have more time for quality customer contact”

Bob Jong - Phidra Accountants & Advisors

2. Resolve complex consulting issues in a fraction of the time

When customers ask for forecasts or a consolidation report, it often takes you a long time as an accountant or relationship manager to deliver this, and the customer also expects it to be delivered quickly. The Liquid platform offers convenient forecasting and consolidation solutions. This prevents these requests for advice from leading to high peak loads among employees.

Intuitive (cash flow) forecasting

Quickly build forecasts in hours instead of days

With Liquid Forecast, you have access to the most advanced (cash flow) forecasting platform in the market. Thanks to business economic modeling and automatic calculations, you can make forecasts much faster and more accurate than before. And with features such as the Rolling Forecast and Forecast vs. Realization, the forecast remains relevant, even in the longer term.

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The benefits of consolidation reports with Liquid

Real-time consolidations with automatic inter-company eliminations

Preparing a consolidation report often involves a lot of manual work, and is therefore not done continuously. While customers with multiple administrations need up-to-date figures. With Liquid's Consolidation solution, you always have consolidated management reports, without the work.

24/7 inspection

The client has 24/7 access to real-time consolidated management information, without the accountant's manual work

Forecasts in consolidation

Liquid's consolidation solution is fully compatible with forecasting features, allowing you to instantly make consolidated forecasts for S&V, Cash Flow, and Balance Sheet

Total solution

Liquid's consolidation platform is fast, intuitive and complete, making it the logical choice for accountants who want to lead the market


No more manually developing an elimination state for each report thanks to Liquid's automated system for intercompany eliminations

You don't have to be an excel superhero to take control of your finances.

3. Make consultancy work a structural part of your services

1. Added value for your customer

Ongoing added value for your customer with an accessible platform where they can independently view their management information every day.

2. Sustainable advisory function

Use Liquid's accessible forecasting features to make future-proof financial planning for the next quarter or 5 years.

3. Customized implementation

Determine what they need for each customer and offer them the Liquid product variant that gives them the most added value.

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