Seamlessly integrate your FP&A work as CFO or advisor into the organization

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is one of the most complex functions for any CFO, controller, or financial advisor. Liquid not only helps you with rock-solid (cash flow) forecasts, but also ensures that you can work better with other internal and external stakeholders.

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The major FP&A challenges for financials

Forecasting takes a lot of time and is prone to errors

Building forecasts takes a lot of time, with a lot of energy being wasted in setting up complex formulas and calculations.

There is a barrier between the financial and the rest

Complex spreadsheets are not ideal for translating bare data into clear insights for colleagues and the MT.

Monitoring and rolling forecasts require a lot of manual work

A lot of time goes into continuously updating sheets with new accounting figures and rolling through the forecast.

Build forecasts, not spreadsheets

Liquid helps you make forecasts that scale well and are sustainably usable. You do this by building the forecast with smart objects, such as a turnover stream or employee, instead of separate numbers in a spreadsheet. The powerful Liquid Engine then calculates everything in real time.

W&V, Cash Flow and Balance

Liquid generates your W&V, Cash Flow and Balance forecast in real time, without manual formulas.

Business economic modelling

By building forecasts in a business economic way, they are easier to maintain and share with external parties. The calculation is automatic.

Scenario planning

Quickly develop variants of forecasts or answer the “what if” question with powerful scenario planning features.

“With Liquid, you can really make very detailed analyses and thus improve decision making.”

Jos van der Meer - Owner of Flanc

From numbers to insight for the boardroom

A familiar problem for many financials: you have all the figures in a spreadsheet, but these are difficult for the MT and other stakeholders to follow. In addition to the spreadsheet view, Liquid also offers out-of-the-box dashboards and KPIs. In this way, you immediately offer external parties the insight they are looking for.

An all-in-one solution with clear dashboards and reports

Over 25 standard metrics

Out of the box, Liquid offers a wide collection of KPIs and graphs that you can use immediately.

Insight up to and including the invoice

From the spreadsheet view, you can click through to the individual booking, and from there view the underlying document in PDF.

You don't have to be an excel superhero to take control of your finances.

An all-in-one solution with clear dashboards and reports

Make monitoring, updating, and expanding financial models easy and scalable.

Daily synchronization with accounting figures
Forecast versus Realization comparison in reports and dashboards
Automatic rolling forecast

How do you keep control of the FP&A process during the year, after the initial budgets have been drawn up? Liquid ensures that your forecasts remain dynamic. This way, you don't have to export the accounting data yourself, and the liquidity for rolling forecasts is updated automatically. And with our powerful Excel import functionality, you can combine the best of both worlds.

Importing and updating external data from Excel

Consolidated figures and forecasts

Consolidate and eliminate

Consolidate the figures from multiple administrations and automatically eliminate Intercompany relationships to quickly get an overall picture.

Consolidated forecasts

Combine forecasts from the various administrations in your customer environment into a clear consolidated group forecast.
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