Liquid quickly gives you the right financial data, so you continue to do business successfully

Entrepreneurship is about smart choices and tight execution. That sounds easy, but it will be difficult without good information. With the Liquid platform, you get the right insights about the past and the future, when you need them.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs are already using Liquid for better financial analysis, forecasting, and dashboarding:

This is what entrepreneurs told us. Recognisable?

It is difficult to rely on current interim figures

Access to interim financial figures is often cumbersome. In addition, the reports do not provide immediate insight.

You can't get a good grip on your cash flow

It is difficult to clarify how your liquidity position has developed and how to strengthen it in the short term.

Little or no calculation of future plans

Due to the lack of good forecasts, plans are not being implemented or unnecessary financial risks are being taken.

Start with insight into your interim figures

With Liquid, you can quickly get an overview of your financial figures again. Clear dashboards give you an immediate bird's-eye view of your company. And with our spreadsheet mode, you can quickly dive deep into the numbers where you need it.

Always up to date figures

Thanks to the automatic synchronization with your accounts, you know where you stand 24/7.

W&V, Cash Flow and Balance

Switch between Profit & Loss, Cash Flow and Balance Reports with one click.

Over 25 standard metrics

Out of the box, Liquid offers a wide collection of KPIs and graphs that you can use immediately.

Insight up to and including the invoice

From the spreadsheet view, you can click through to the individual booking, and from there view the underlying document in PDF.

“With Liquid, together with our financial colleagues, I can follow the numbers better and take decisions more quickly”

Matthijs Huiskamp - CEO Altura

Cash is king - keep your liquidity under control

Cash flow is becoming increasingly important, but you can't get a good cash flow report from your accounting package. With our Smart Matching technology, Liquid offers unprecedented insight into your historical cash flow. This allows you, as an entrepreneur, not only to focus on results, but also on cash.
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Outstanding mailing list

Liquid gives you a clear overview of all outstanding debtors and creditors, including age analysis.

Expected cash flow

See the expected income and expenses based on your OPL automatically in your cash flow dashboard and spreadsheet.

Cash flow forecasts

Advanced cash flow forecasting with fully automatic calculation of payment terms, VAT and much more.

You don't have to be an excel superhero to take control of your finances.

Build clear forecasts without error-prone and complex Excel sheets

Business economic modelling

In Liquid, you do not enter separate amounts in cells. After all, in two months, you won't remember how they came about either. Instead, you build the forecast with recognisable building blocks such as turnover and employees.

Automatic billing

Liquid generates your W&V, Cash Flow and Balance forecast automatically and in real time, without manual formulas.

Scenario planning

Quickly develop variants of forecasts or answer the “what if” question with powerful scenario planning features.

Prognosis versus Realization

Easily compare your original budget with your forecast and see where the biggest discrepancies are.

Rolling Forecast

Your latest figures arrive automatically in Liquid, which automatically updates the starting balance for your cash flow forecast.

Consolidated figures and forecasts

Consolidate and eliminate

Consolidate the figures from multiple administrations and automatically eliminate Intercompany relationships to quickly get an overall picture.

Consolidated forecasts

Combine forecasts from the various administrations in your customer environment into a clear consolidated group forecast.